We Manage Your WordPress Site

One of the frequent issues small businesses face is the demand to ensure their website is updated. Without regular updates, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities and compromise the website. Imagine waking up to find an offensive message defacing your home page, or getting angry calls from people who claim you are sending them emails advertising porn sites, or prescription drugs.

We have clients who USED to have these problems.In almost every case they had an outdated program that exposed their site to hackers.

Updating is Key

We track all the WordPress updates, and all the updates for plugins. We add a plugin to your site named “InfiniteWP – Client” that allows us to securely monitor your site from a common control panel. A companion “InfiniteWP” plugin is hosted on our support site. As our number of managed sites has risen above 20, we have found this plugin very valuable.
Our WordPress Management Control Panel

Automation Saves Time

Automating our daily+ check of your WordPress site helps us control costs, and keep things running smoothly.