Our Dallas location served us for many years, but our service to “Oceania” suffered. Our new west coast data center provides a closer location for those customers and faster service for western US customers.

For the tech geeks, the data center in Los Angeles features:

  • 9,000 kW generator
  • 5,000 kW UPS power capability
  • Full time, 24/7 on premises security
  • CCTV with 90 day backup
  • Biometric / Photo Badge Access
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Crash-Rated / Anti-Climb Gates
  • SOC2 compliance
  • SOC3 compliance
  • ISO 27001 compliance
  • Multiple Tier 1 connections to the Internet

Our managed VPS servers can be located in five different data centers, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, New York City or the Netherlands.