HOSTkabob’s Infrastructure

While we don’t “sell” technical details, preferring to simply take care of our customer’s needs without the “baffle ’em with BS” techniques other guys use, some customers are interested in the boring details.

Hosting Server

Our Dalls-based hosting is served from VPS (“Virtual Private Server”) servers housed in the TierPoint data center. With 68,000 square feet of environmentally controlled, secure data center space, TierPoint’s Dallas facility offers true 2N power and multi-homed connectivity from leading Tier 1 carriers. Six backup generators and 50,000 gallons of fuel ensure that power is maintained at all times.

DNS Servers

DNS ServersHOSTkabob operates four “Domain Name System” servers to provide redundant access to your sites. The DNS server provides information to web browsers, connecting the machine-readable IP address to your domain name. When someone types a domain name we host into their browser, the browser asks the nearest name server where that domain is hosted. The name server closest to them – most likely at their ISP – has a lookup table to see where our accounts are hosted, and refers the web browser to our DNS servers. Our DNS servers, in turn, tell the browser the specific IP address, in effect telling the browser “Go look on this server located in the TierPoint data center in Dallas!”

One DNS servers are located in different data servers so that if one data center is taken offline, three others can still respond.  Locations include California, New York, and Texas.


The techy stuff bores most people to death. But some clients are reassured that HOSTkabob uses the same data centers as “the big guys” with far more backup copies than they keep (if they keep any at all).

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