West Coast Data Center Move

Our Dallas location served us for many years, but our service to “Oceania” suffered. Our new west coast data center provides a closer location for those customers and faster service for western US customers.

For the tech geeks, the data center in Los Angeles features:

  • 9,000 kW generator
  • 5,000 kW UPS power capability
  • Full time, 24/7 on premises security
  • CCTV with 90 day backup
  • Biometric / Photo Badge Access
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Crash-Rated / Anti-Climb Gates
  • SOC2 compliance
  • SOC3 compliance
  • ISO 27001 compliance
  • Multiple Tier 1 connections to the Internet

Our managed VPS servers can be located in five different data centers, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, New York City or the Netherlands.


HOSTkabob’s Infrastructure

While we don’t “sell” technical details, preferring to simply take care of our customer’s needs without the “baffle ’em with BS” techniques other guys use, some customers are interested in the boring details.

Hosting Server

Our Dalls-based hosting is served from VPS (“Virtual Private Server”) servers housed in the TierPoint data center. With 68,000 square feet of environmentally controlled, secure data center space, TierPoint’s Dallas facility offers true 2N power and multi-homed connectivity from leading Tier 1 carriers. Six backup generators and 50,000 gallons of fuel ensure that power is maintained at all times.


  • High performance, managed premium IP network and budget-friendly IP Plus network
  • True BGP with intelligent routing
  • Multi-homed, carrier-neutral
  • DWDM connection to the Informart data center
  • 14 redundant network backbone providers of premium bandwidth


The techy stuff bores most people to death. But some clients are reassured that HOSTkabob uses the same data centers as “the big guys” with far more backup copies than they keep (if they keep any at all).

Free SSL Certificates for All Accounts

HOSTkabob is pleased to announce the addition of free SSL certificates for all hosting accounts.

Google encourages web sites to install a SSL certificate even if they do not handle sensitive data, and makes the existence of SSL as a point in your favor when ranking websites. Getting higher rankings in Google is important, but even more so is the confidence customers will have in your site when they see the tell-tale HTTPS: protocol and lock symbol in their browser address bar.

We enable SSL for all new accounts by default.

WordPress Site Management

We Manage Your WordPress Site

One of the frequent issues small businesses face is the demand to ensure their website is updated. Without regular updates, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities and compromise the website. Imagine waking up to find an offensive message defacing your home page, or getting angry calls from people who claim you are sending them emails advertising porn sites, or prescription drugs.

We have clients who USED to have these problems.In almost every case they had an outdated program that exposed their site to hackers.

Updating is Key

We track all the WordPress updates, and all the updates for plugins. We add a plugin to your site named “InfiniteWP – Client” that allows us to securely monitor your site from a common control panel. A companion “InfiniteWP” plugin is hosted on our support site. As our number of managed sites has risen above 20, we have found this plugin very valuable.
Our WordPress Management Control Panel

Automation Saves Time

Automating our daily+ check of your WordPress site helps us control costs, and keep things running smoothly.