About Premium WordPress Hosting

Premium WordPress Hosting

HOSTkabob is a web development company providing premium business WordPress hosting for small businesses, organizations and non-profits.


HOSTkabob is an Acumen Consulting company. Acumen Consulting LLC is a small business consulting firm focused on the needs of the entrepreneur, partnership and corporation, providing finance, tax, IT and management solutions.

Premium Business WordPress Hosting Service

Minimum prices start at $20 per month. We no longer offer discounted hosting services. We do not offer automated sign up, as we are very particular about the type of web site and content that is stored on our server. In addition to the usual prohibitions against adult content, we do not host debate forums, controversial e-commerce sites or any site that, in our sole opinion, would attract hackers intent on taking down our servers.


Our main focus is the small business needing our help. We encourage the use of WordPress as a content management system and will provide automatic updates for each site. Most of our customers have us handle all details of their website, from content creation to regular updates and maintenance. Or, they choose one of our recommend web hosts if they want to self-manage their site, and have us install, configure, and create the initial content for their web site.

Contact Information

If you want me to evaluate your needs, or need to see if HOSTkabob can handle your existing site, please email Frank.